Affordable OSHC

ISO offers students affordable OSHC policy with great values and options to choose from, with ISO Access students saves up to $300 in OSHC purchase and benefit from unique OSHC benefits from our preferred OSHC providers. Our OSHC premiums are usually 5% cheaper than anywhere!

Airport Shuttle

ISO offers students airport shuttle from the airport to student’s preferred destination or accommodation within the central business district of various cities we operate in. Saving students up to $40.

Sim Card on Arrival

ISO offers students Sim card on arrival at the airport or student accommodation. Students have the option to get the Sim Card posted to their overseas address. The Sim card comes with unlimited talk time to phone friends and families. Saving students up to $100 on international calls.

Students Accomodations

ISO help students source for affordable accommodations; we search, inspect and book accommodation for students for short term stay on arrival or long term stay. Students get to choose the type of accommodations ranging from Backpackers/Hostel, Hotel, Shared apartment, Homestay arrangement, Airbnb, and private apartment. Saving students up to $100.

Student Job Placement

ISO help students with job placement. We offer job ready trainings through a series of online and face to face sessions that will include interactive learning and workshop activities tailored to your individual needs. We help students with resume review, job search, job applications and connect students with recruitments agencies.

University Admissions

ISO will assist you to process admissions to any of its partnered universities or colleges. Over 100 universities and colleges to choose from.